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Located in modern facilities in the heart of Adelaide, TAFE SA’s English Language Centre (ELC) offers affordable, intensive English language programs tailored to international students.  You do not have to be going on to study a TAFESA course to study at our Language Centre.

If you are an international student on a student visa, a working holiday visa or tourist visa, TAFE SA intensive English language courses will develop your English skills for:

  • Fun and travel
  • Study at TAFE SA or university
  • IELTS testing
  • Future employment
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Special Offer - Courses $320 per week

We are currently offering all English language courses for overseas students at $320 per week, rather than $350 per week.  This promotional offer is only available to students studying in Semester 2, 2017. Please be aware that conditions apply. Eligible English language courses include:

English Language Courses for Overseas Students

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English Language Courses 

Which English language course?

ELC Group with Teacher 2

We offer four different types of English Language courses:   

If you simply wish to improve your English language skills, you can choose to study in any of our four English language classes. Generally, it takes 10 weeks of tuition to improve your IELTS score by half a point. The minimum period you can study for is five weeks.

If you have the specific goal of improving your English for entry to a TAFE South Australia award course, a university bachelor or masters degree, or for an immigration application, please refer to the table below to find out the best course for you and the duration of study required:

Goal IELTS Level

Recommeded ELC Course Table

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Why study English with us?

  • Affordable fees
  • Small classes and individual attention from highly qualified teachers
  • Only government-owned English Language Centre in South Australia
  • Flexible start times and program durations, from five to 40 weeks
  • Free English conversation classes with students from around the world
  • Clear pathways to universities in Adelaide
  • Opportunities to sit in on TAFE SA classes
  • Access to the TAFE SA library with extensive English language and online resources

 ELC Uni Pathways

Fun and friendsKoala Woman

To help our students travel and make friends, we encourage them to join in the events and social activities organised for international students by the TAFE South Australia International Office, as well as events run by organisations such as StudyAdelaide and Multicultural Youth South Australia. These activities include:

  • Whale watching
  • Free tickets to Australian Rules football
  • Karaoke night
  • Inter-college Sports Day
  • Cuddle a koala at a wildlife park

Airport Pick-Up

Multicultural Youth SA works in conjunction with TAFE SA to provide free pickup from the airport, for all newly arrived English Language Centre students.

airport pickup


If you would like to practice your English in and out of the classroom, while also learning more about Aussie culture, Multicultural Youth SA (MYSA) can find you a homestay family to live with during your stay in Adelaide. Contact MYSA for more information.